Legal Representation FAQ (Intellectual Property)

1. Do you give out free legal advice on the phone or in person?
No, not really. I might point you in the right direction so you can find it out for yourself, but the reality is that the first 30 minutes or so that we talk is probably the most valuable information I can give you in assisting you to protect your IP. So, since an attorney’s time and experience are his “stock-in-trade,” I do not generally give that valuable information away free.

But, I am about to produce a series of video lessons on basic IP stuff and you can learn a lot from those and my legal links on the legal resources page. Check those resources for help and education.

2. Do you meet with inventors and people with IP questions in person?
Yes, all of the time. Pick a location, and I will be glad to meet with you.

3. Is your billing rate reasonable?
Always. For my experience and expertise, most large firms would bill near double my rate.

4. What separates you from all of the other IP lawyers out there?
I am not a billing machine; and if you are not satisfied with my services, I am not satisfied either. Please let me know!

5. Do you do meetings via Skype, GoToMeeting, or similar services?
Yes, absolutely. I do them frequently so that people do not need to travel, yet can obtain the same information. Normal billing rates apply.

6. What types of payments do you accept?
I will accept just about any type of payment, including cash. Most of my clients pay with checks from invoices, but I can accept Paypal payments and payments via credit cards via my Paypal account. Click the link at bottom of the page to pay with credit cards or via Paypal.

7. Bottom Line?
You are hiring me to protect your IP so that you can increase the value of your entity, like a corporation or LLC, or to increase your own personal wealth by protecting your great ideas. That will be my focus because I want you to be successful – Remember: Ideas Matter!