Representative Legal Actions

  • Successfully defended a gourmet dog product manufacturer client against a claim of trademark infringement from a domain name owner having a similar domain name. A federal district court in Birmingham, AL entered a final judgment in favor of the client dismissing all claims and awarding the client its attorney's fees of $200k to defend the action.
  • Filed a patent infringement action against a friction stir welding machine manufacturer in federal district court in Huntsville, AL. The parties settled their disputed claims by entering into a licensing arrangement under the patents in suit.
  • Successfully defended a New Jersey lamp fixture manufacturer in a copyright infringement action filed in Mobile, AL by obtaining a favorable settlement at a fraction of the original demand.
  • Successfully defended a patent infringement action filed in Birmingham, AL against a client selling digital sports game cameras by having the case transferred to a less favorable Texas jurisdiction.
  • Successfully defended a residential home designer against a claim of copyright infringement for the sale of a home design in Birmingham, AL.
  • Successfully obtained a federal trademark registration for the Vulcan statue overlooking Birmingham, AL for the Vulcan Park Foundation by appealing to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board a final refusal to register the statue by the U.S. Trademark Office. U.S. Ser. No. 76-579511.
  • Successfully obtained a federal trademark registration for the mark "Colonial Bank" by canceling another bank's pre-existing and conflicting federal registration for the mark "Colonial Bank USA." U.S. Reg. Nos. 2,545,610; 2,545,613.
  • Successfully responded to letters from Getty Images for a client demanding back royalties and damages for purported unauthorized uses of copyrighted images.
  • Successfully responded on behalf of client to Patent Troll demand letters regarding U.S. Patents and Application Nos: 7,986,426; 7,477,410; 6,771,381; 6,185,590; Appl. No. 13/182,857 (referred to as the “Klein Patents” or “KPL Patents”).